How to Throw a Bachelor Party

With the wedding date looming in the horizon you as the best man is responsible for throwing the Groom a bachelor party. Thus, to avoid any mishap on the big day you can utilize the following article which offers some tips on how to throw an epic going away for your best mate.


Creating a guest list should the first priority for any best man. Generally all the best men along with other buddies and close cousins of the groom are expected to be there. However, prior to finalizing the lists ensure that you confirm it with the groom.


If, you are planning on hosting the bachelor party at a house or a hotel room ensures that you have more than enough food and drink. Furthermore, as it is your best mate’s last few days as a bachelor you could opt to buy him a cake that represents the mechanical bull Sydney to showcase his stud years. Moreover, steaks, ribs and bacons are a must have in the menu. Additionally the best man should invest in both beers and liquor.


Apart from adult entertainment gambling is a must at any bachelor party. If the groom wishes the party can be held at a casino but for those who prefer small gatherings with only a few close friends then a poker game can be arranged with grilled steaks or pizza and cheep beer as a reminiscent of the good old collage days. Furthermore, if the party is held at a house one can also invest in a mechanical bucking bull Sydney for those grooms who believe that they are amateur rodeo stars or for those grooms who spent their bachelor years frequenting rodeo bars.  Another option is to take a road trip to somewhere fun like a gambling city or one can even go camping. A generous best man can also splurge to arrange a private whisky tasting at a posh whisky bar or even arrange to go to a cigar lounge to smoke exorbitantly priced cigars as it would be something out of the norm for many grooms.


If, the groom wishes to bar hop or even clear some time to go to a casino to engage in a bit of gambling ensure that there is either a designated driver to provide the party with transport or you could always splurge and rent a limo for the big day.

As this could be one of the most important days of a man’s live by following these tips you could ensure that you make it an unforgettable night for your best mate.

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